Assoc. Prof. Jie Zhang

University Of Maryland

Jie Zhang is Associate Professor of Marketing and the Harvey Sanders Fellow of Retail Management at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. Her general research interest is to apply advanced econometric and statistical models to study consumer purchase behaviours and various retail strategies, and she is particularly interested in their applications in online stores.


This study investigates how usage experience with various decision aids available in an online store contributes to purchase behavior evolution in a new Internet shopping environment. In the context of online grocery stores, we categorize four types of decision aids: those for 1) nutritional needs, 2) brand preference, 3) economic needs, and 4) personalized shopping lists, and construct a Non-homogeneous Hidden Markov Model of store visit incidence and shopping trip spending, in which parameters vary over time across hidden states as driven by usage experience with different decision aids. The same model is also applied to study purchase incidence and quantity decisions in eight product categories. We find that consumers evolve through distinct states of purchase behaviors and exhibit stronger tendency to use habitual decision heuristics over time. While their average levels of price and promotion sensitivities increase first and then decrease, individual consumers show divergent patterns. Moreover, consumers’ usage experience with decision aids contributes to their behavior evolution, and the effects differ by the specific decision aids and behavioral state. In general, the impact of usage experience with decision aids on purchase behavior evolution appears to be stronger for higher-purchase-frequency and non-food categories. We demonstrate that targeted promotion activities based on our models can improve store-level and category-specific sales for an online retailer.

Abstract: Advancements in digital technologies and data analytics have brought about unprecedented oppotunities for retailers deliver customized promotions. In this presentation, some recent developments in customized promotion practices and findings from several recent research projects with retailers on this topic will be outlined.


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2014 Yılı Kümpem Forum Perakende Konferansı – Akademik Gün 8 Hours May 16, 2014
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