Prof. Vishal Gaur

Johnson Cornell University

Vishal Gaur is Professor of Operations Management Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management and  Area Coordinator of Operations Management, Cornell University

Professor of Operations ManagementHe has also served at Harvard Business School as Visiting Associate Professor (2007-2008) and at Leonard N. Stern School of Business, NYU as Assistant Professor. Professor Gaur’s research interests lie in retail operations and supply chain management, including topics such as inventory management, product variety, distribution logistics, and linking operations to financial performance. He conducts empirical research in inventories using aggregate firm-level and proprietary data to assess performance improvement of firms, improve demand forecasting, and identify the drivers of inventory turnover. He also conducts theoretical research in inventories to study the relationship of stocking policies with product variety, consumer choice behavior, competition, and financial considerations such as hedging, growth and bankruptcy risk.


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2014 Yılı Kümpem Forum Perakende Konferansı – Akademik Gün 8 Hours May 16, 2014
2014 Yılı Kümpem Forum Perakende Konferansı – Sektör Günü 8.5 Hours May 15, 2014