The competitive structure of the retail world, globalization and market uncertainties compel the leading organizations of the sector to continuously improve their operational efficiency and competencies. In order to cope with high competition and achieve sustainable growth, the organizations need to renew their processes and feed marketing models through research and develop data-based decision-making mechanisms.KÜMPEM Forum, which was founded with the aim of leading the researches in the field of retailing and bringing theory together with practice, has realized many successful projects with the participation of Koç University academics and students.Since 2011, KÜMPEM Forum supported a number of projects that have been vital for retailers, such as  demand planning, sales forecasting modeling, discount and promotion optimization, inventory availability calculation, multi-channel retailing and data-based store location.

KUMPEM Forum, carries its mission to address the leaders of innovative thinking and research in this area and to lead to university-industry collaboration in the retail sector in Turkey .

In order to realize this mission, it aims to structure its activities in the short-medium term under the following strategies:

Strategy 1: Developing cooperation and awareness in different areas of the retail sector

Strategy 2: Increasing sectoral research and studies

Strategy 3: Increasing the participation of students and training the team and sector experts for research

Strategy 4: Enriching financial resources, sustainability

In light of these strategies, it envisages gathering these following works:

  • Carrying out mini-conference series and workshops with industry leaders throughout the year
  • Collaborations with associations, joint studies in sector reports
  • Regular communication and joint activity with forums at foreign universities
  • Converting the retail academic day conference to a summit where the academicians related to retailing in Turkey meets.
  • Publishing white papers each year, sharing academic studies by turning them into tips to shed light on retail