KÜMPEM Forum, with an interdisciplinary approach, conducts research, teaching and application in retailing with scientific methods and conducts the following activities:

  • To publish in Turkish and foreign languages ​​and contribute to such studies; organizing and participating in national and international seminars, conferences, colloquia and similar events related to retail,
  • Organizing annual seminars, workshops, conferences, colloquia and similar activities where retailers from Turkey and all over the world come together and present papers and conduct publication activities on this subject,
  • To arrange meetings about predetermined subjects with the participation of academics and representatives of retail companies in Turkey, and to present the current problems and development opportunities of industry representatives in the meetings, and to present and exchange current and potential research topics for academics,
  • Researching the possibilities of national and international research support and participation in scientific networks in retail sector, encouraging academicians and industry stakeholders to be informed and to develop projects,
  • To give short and long term courses to academicians who are particularly successful in the field, to come together with industry experts and invite them to participate in research,
  • To raise the awareness of the students on retailing and increase their interest in the field by enabling them to give seminars at the events organized by the sector leaders and within the university,
  • To contribute to the course content in retail modules, to produce case studies, to prepare data sets that can be used in education,
  • Contribute to the creation of databases that will provide the basis for research in the retail field,
  • To make all kinds of other activities and publications that are deemed necessary in relation to its field of activity.


As a forum, KÜMPEM aims to open new horizons in the retail sector with its research supports, student scholarships, conferences and events, and aims to add new activities in each new period.Koç University, which has the competence to conduct research projects in the areas of utilization of companies, especially in the fields of productivity and in the areas of interest to the whole sector, acts as a bridge for the collaborations of academicians in Turkey and abroad.

Forum activities will increase the involvement of different parties in research and practice with the university, diversify activities with retail associations and organizations to complement the disciplines and practices of scientific retailing that provide complementary services to retail institutions and companies, and provide companies with the necessary managerial skills for growth and branding, new activities will be organized with application sponsors in order to understand market research, data and analysis solutions, competitions, research, internship and similar activities will be increased aimed at increasing students’ interest and participation in retail activities.