KUMPEM (Koc University Migros Retail Education Center), was established in 1999 as an executive development center that prioritizes the needs and dynamics of the retail sector with the cooperation of Koç University and Migros.

The research collaboration between Migros and Koç University academicians has been established simultaneously with the aim of organizing the programs based on MBA programs with a focus on retail, enriching them with practical examples and information.

The revenue generated by the delivery of the trainings to Migros and other companies in the service sector and to Koc Holding companies has been turned into a research fund for KUMPEM and has been available to academicians from different faculties of Koç University. As a result of the 10-year protocol and joint studies, publication and writing of many academic articles, the creation of student theses, a doctoral student scholarship and the establishment of a Migros marketing chair were enabled and created. In Turkey, in a period in which the research funds were referred to sparsely, facilitating the recognition of the sector by the academics, the Forum has been a source of the development of new applications and work in many areas, from human resources to marketing, operations management and psychology.

KUMPEM has been restructured in 2010 and has been carrying out its activities under the financial sponsorship of Migros, at Koç University as a Research Forum with a new mission since 2011.
Under the roof of Koc University and its aim of setting up a “Center of Excellence” and aiming to contribute to the science in a universal level, Forum’s mission is to bring the industry- university collaboration forward, and disseminate it with the contributions of Migros.

KUMPEM Forum operates under the Office of Vice Rector for Research and Development at Koç University.