Retail Future Contest 2021 is Completed!

In the RFC2020 competition, which was held for the first time in 2021, 33 different projects belonging to students from 11 different universities referring to different fields of retail were evaluated.

In the final held in April, 10 different project presentations were evaluated. As a result of the evaluation, the 3 projects and their owners were awarded:

Next Generation Pop Up Store – Ayça Başaran

The Invisible Eye- Anıl Kul& Serra Çetinel

Dönüşümlü Poşet Uygulaması- Damla Buz& Göksun Çatalkaya

RFC is the competition of innovative and creative ideas for the Future of Retail. With the competition held in cooperation with KÜMPEM Retail Research Forum and Marketing Club, it is aimed to be a connection for the dreams and predictions of students about the future of retail.

Do you have future ideas about the store, product or service? Or have you considered a new field for communication or technology in retail?

Don’t hesitate, apply for the Retail Future Contest – The Contest for Retail Ideas

Share your opinion, work with leading retail brands, win various awards…

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