In addition to academic knowledge, KUMPEM Forum aims to evaluate this knowledge as a whole with its reflections and practices in the business world. Academicians and students from different departments work together in the projects carried out by KUMPEM.

Recognition of the sector, understanding of its processes and operations flow, conducting research studies in the field of marketing and operations management, and conducting studies to shed light on efficiency and especially product / portfolio decisions were the prioritized issues.

The main university-industry joint studies in this context are listed below:

MİGROS Demand Planning Project

Research Team: Özden Gür Ali and graduate student

Discount Optimization in Fashion Retail

Research Team: Gürhan Kök and graduate student

Channel Collaboration: How Should Retailers Involve Suppliers in Retail Functions?

Research Team: Berk Ataman,

Advisor: Skander Esseghaier and PhD student

MIGROS Inventory Availability Rates and Problem Determination

Research Team: Gürhan Kök, Fikri Karaesmen and Industry Engineering Undergraduate Students Team

Sales Forecasting Modeling

Research Team: Özden Gür Ali

SKU Demand Forecasting with Data Mining Methods in Promotional and Non-Sell Cases

Research Team: Özden Gür Ali

GIS Data Mining for Retail Store Location Decision

Research Team: Özden Gür Ali and Serpil Sayın

Estimating the Effect of Promotion Optimization and Effects on All Products in the Category

Research Team: Gürhan Kök, Javad Lessan

A First in the University: Transfer of Technology to the Sector

Research projects carried out in collaboration with the sector create both academic and economic values ​​in this field. In 2011-2012, field researches on sales forecasting conducted by Assoc. Dr. Özden Gür Ali had been completed in the first half of 2013, and due to the added value created by the findings, the parties took action to turn the research into a software. Koç University then entered into a technology transfer and licensing agreement with Migros for the forecasting model developed by this research. This agreement was signed for a 10-year license fee; it also went down in history of Koç University as its first Technology Transfer agreement.

One of the most important projects carried out during this period, multi-store sales forecasting research, has brought many publications. The fact that the studies that have an important solution value for the sector in terms of efficiency and planning are attractive, valuable and valid for the academic world is an important indicator that the value of the Forum in the retail sector is in the interest of all parties.

While also serving on the board of directors of the Forum, Gürhan Kök’s studies on stock, order and price management through retail applications have produced value for many companies, especially fashion retailers, and the findings have been shared with the industry.

Thesis studies carried out by doctoral students of the Institute of Business Administration also make significant contributions to the research pool.



Efe Pınar

Master’s thesis, Industrial Engineering, Koç University, September 2013

Research Subject: Time Dynamic Time Warping for Behavioral Similiarity Clustering for Retail Sales Forecasting and Insight Generation. Araştırma

(Behavioral Similarity for Retail Forecasting and Insight Generation Dynamic Time warping for Clustering)

Nazlı Oğuz

Master’s thesis, Operations Management and Industrial Engineering, Koç University, May 2014

Research Subject: Markdown Optimization at a Fashion Goods Retailer

(Discount Optimization in Fashion Product Retailing)

Ahmet Timoumi

PhD Thesis, Graduate School of Business, Marketing, Koç University

Collaborating in a Channel: Under what form Should a Retailer Involve its Suppliers into the Retail Functions?

(Collaboration in the Channel: How Should Retailers Include Suppliers in Retail Functions?)

Selin Erguncu

PhD thesis, Institute of Business Administration, Koç University

Research Subject: Negative Error and Framing Effect in Qualitative Assessment

Aras Alkış

PhD thesis, Institute of Business Administration, Koç University, Marketing,

Research Subject: How Regulatory Focus and Fit Theories Explain The Price Response Asymmetry In Product Markets.

(How Do Regulatory Focus and Fit Theories Explain Price Asymmetry in Product Markets?)


  • Forecasting Sales and Generating Insights about Price/Promotions and Economic/Social Indicators,


III. KÜMPEM Retail Forum Retail Conference, 23 Mayıs 2013

  • Dynamic Time Warping with Retail Trends, Marketing Science Conference, Istanbul 12 Temmuz 2013
  • Using DTW as a Similarity Measure for Clustering, EURO-INFORM Joint International Meeting, 3 Temmuz 2013
  • Sharing Information with Similar Stores for Better Retail Forecasting and Insight Generation,


KÜMPEM Forum Retail Conference, 16 Mayıs 2014

  • Sharing Information with Similar Stores for Better Retail Forecasting, ISBIS / SLDM 2014 Durham, 11 Haziran 2014
  • Scientific Retailing: Cases from Turkey, KÜMPEM Forum Retail Conference 2013
  • Strategic Brand Management, Berk Ataman, KÜMPEM Forum Retail Conference 2014
  • KUMPEM case study: Markdown Optimization at a Fashion Retailer, Gürhan Kök KÜMPEM Forum Retail Conference 2014