Antonio Moreno

Harvard Business School

Conference topic: Information and Offline Experiences in Omnichannel Retail

Abstract Online channels generate frictions when selling products with non-digital attributes, such as apparel. Customers may be reluctant to purchase products they have not been able to try on and those customers who do purchase may return products when they do not fit as expected. This talk studies the role of offline experiences and different ways in which retailers can provide fit information to mitigate some of the frictions the information gap generates in the retailers’ supply chains.


ID Event Name Duration Başlangıç Tarihi:
2019 Yılı Kümpem Forum Perakende Konferansı – Sektör Günü 8 Hours May 10, 2019
2019 Yılı Kümpem Forum Perakende Konferansı – Akademik Gün 7 Hours May 9, 2019